GPS Mini Tag Global tracker Smart locator Apple Android

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    Products Description

    1. Findmytag is used for APP use, APP name Findmytag.
    2. To use this product, you need to download APP: Findmytag, Android/Apple mobile phone can be used.
    3. Global positioning function: The locator will send out a safe Blueteeth signal every 2 seconds, so that the surrounding Apple devices can detect and receive this signal and upload and share it to the Apple ICOUD server. The owner can know the location of Findmytag through the APP software, which can be Navigate to find, let you find things without worry.
    4. Proximity search function: When Blueteeth is connected, click search to make Findmytag make a sound, and you can easily find it.
    5 GPS: Let 2 billion friends around the world help you find lost items.




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