Mini Laser Keyboard

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    cube shape projected keyboard and mouse

    Product Description

    Features of laser keyboard :

    1.Product Features
    Extremely portable and small in size.
    British QWERTY full keyboard layout for fast and accurate data entry.
    It also supports USB interface and Bluetooth, and the connection with mobile devices is very convenient.
    Support for mouse and gestures.
    Support button voice broadcast and Bluetooth speaker function.
    Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery for easy mobility and carrying
    Compatible with the latest devices Windows XP/VISTA/7/8, Windows Phone 7, IOS4/5/6, Android 3.1 and higher, Mac OS X.

    2. Indicator status indicator light red
    Long light: Charging
    Off: Charging completed
    The indicator light flashes blue: pairing status
    Off: paired
    The indicator light flashes yellow once: it starts normally.
    Note: The user uses the laser Bluetooth keyboard, and the system will automatically make a “beep” sound every time the button is pressed.

    3. Product connection method
    This product can be connected to your device via Bluetooth and USB. It is compatible with all operating systems that support USB HID and Bluetooth HID. USB HID is plug and play, no need to install a separate driver.
    4. Combination function keys
    FN+ up/down arrow keys to increase/decrease laser brightness.
    FN+ left/right arrow keys to increase/decrease the volume.
    FN+P, turn the keyboard button sound on/off.
    FN+K, on/off button voice broadcast function.
    FN + mouse button to enter / exit mouse mode.
    FN+U/I speeds up/slows mouse movement.Support Fast Charge.


    Specifications of laser keyboard :

    light source Red laser diode
    keyboard layout About 19MM tilt, QWERTY keyboard layout
    keyboard size 100mm(H)*240mm(W)
    keyboard location 100mm from the bottom of the emitter
    Projection surface non-reflective, opaque surface
    Recognition rate:  350 words / minute
    Operating surface :  any flat surface
    Working environment:  0 ~ 35°C / 90%RH
     Storage environment:  -5 ~ 35°C / ~90%RH
     Dimensions (mm) :  38mm x 75mm x 18mm
     External power :  supply USB power supply / below 5V 1A
     Battery & Capacity:  Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery, 1000mAH(MAX) @ 3.7V
     Battery working time :  200 minutes
     Battery charging time:  120 minutes
     USB interface:  USB 1.1 & 2.0, USB HID Ver. 1.0
     Bluetooth :  v3.0 (class 2), HID Profile Ver. 1.0
    Frequency range:   2402-2480MHz
    Channel:   79
    Modulation :  GFSK


    Pictures of USB Cable:





    White, silver, Black

    If combo mouse



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