Screen Side Mount Monitor Magnetic Phone Holder Aluminum

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    Product Description
    Computer Accessories Bracket Laptop Extension Stand
    Magnetic Suction Mobile Phone Holder
    Product Name
    Computer Accessories Bracket Laptop Extension Stand 

    Magnetic Suction Mobile Phone Holder
    Mobile Phone Holder,Desktop /Car /Office/Kitchen Phone Holder
    Aluminum Alloy+Silicone
    Feature 1
    High Stability

    With the design of adsorbable magnetic sheet, the mobile phone can be firmly attached to the laptop or vehicle mounted multimedia display screen. The closed magnetic field will not affect the mobile phone signal, so you can work without worry and drive with confidence. Magnetic design can help you release your hands and use the camera freely to shoot or video call.
    Feature 2
    180° Free Turning

    Flexible swing and free contraction. The 180 degree rotation can be turned, and the multi angle flexible adjustment can meet your needs. 180 vertical flat line, left and right adjustment, can reach any hidden type. Turn the phone 180 degrees back and forth, 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right at the bottom, and gently rotate the phone to switch between landscape and vertical screens.
    Feature 3
    Double screen interaction 

    When in office use, the mobile phone screen and the computer screen are on the same plane, so there is no need to look down at the mobile phone screen to view messages, so as to improve work efficiency; When driving, you don’t need to look down but look at the navigation, so driving safety is guaranteed.
    Feature 4
    Continuity Camera

    Simply flip the magnetic arm on this laptop phone holder to use your i Phone as a webcam via continuity mode.This mount is compatible with all Macs. This holder serves as the perfect solution for face time and other video calls
    Feature 5
    Slim & Sleek

    High-grade machined aluminum and only 7mm thick. Folds up when not in use. Minimal design with ultimate efficiency and a modern aesthetic
    Feature 6
    Suspension screen vehicle mount

    It can be installed on the vehicle mounted display of special models of central control large screen.
    Designed for iPhone 14 /13/12 series, and compatible with devices that use protective covers.

    black, silver


    Aluminum alloy+Silicone


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